Generally my work comes from word-of-mouth contacts. When contacted by a potential client, I usually engage them in a series of conversations and meetings designed to zero in on their wishes. Sometimes a client will know exactly what they want, while in other cases they will only have a general idea. Often I will turn to my extensive library of furniture books to show examples of pieces similar to the client’s ideas. Through this process a basic design idea is achieved.

If this idea meets with the client’s approval, I will proceed to finalize the design. At that point I usually execute a full size drawing of the piece and provide the client with an estimate of the cost. Upon approval of the final design and receipt of a 50% deposit, the piece will be scheduled for construction.

All work is carried out by me personally in my shop, unless there is a particular process which requires subcontracting. This is only done with client knowledge and approval. My clients are always fully appraised of the methods I use-in fact, many of them are very interested in the process and visit the shop to see the work in progress. The materials used are always of the highest quality obtainable, either in solid wood form or veneer, as the work requires. Many pieces involve decorative carving or inlay, which is executed by me. All finishes are hand-applied and made from either natural varnish or shellac. I use only the finest quality hardware.